Monday, 6 July 2009

Works of Art...

Had a great weekend in London. Stayed with friends and celebrated birthdays by eating amazing food and, (of course,) drinking beer. We visited the RA Summer Exhibition on Saturday morning, always inspires us to do more work, (one day we'll actually submit). The architectural models section was a notable highlight with amazing examples, my favourite being the work from Zaha Hadid. Then onto the Serpentine Gallery on a No. 14 bus to see the new Jeff Koons show...oh my god, the attention to detail was scary and the concept was just amazing...we weren't allowed to touch the works, but people kept trying, (much to the annoyance of the gallery wardens.) All this sounds very name-droppy, (we did see the actor, Steve Martin though!), but we were genuinely thrilled to see some of these sights. We miss living in London. Other sights I was genuinely thrilled to see were two Nissan Cube's in one day! I've only ever seen these, tactile toy-shaped, fun cars in Japan; first time I've ever seen them in the UK...still want one.

Acrobat 2003–09

(Jeff Koons. Polychromed aluminium! galvanised steel, wood and straw

228.9 x 148 x 64.8 cm)

Nissan Cube.

Paddington, London