Friday, 30 October 2009

Toby Forte Drawing

We recently purchased a drawing by illustrator, graphic designer/BMXer Adi Gilbert. The work is of BMX ace Toby Forte and, to me, sums up the feeling of a good BMX session; or at least the feeling you have after, pushing yourself to go higher/faster on a bike. Adi is an amazing artist. He trained and lived in Worcester and used to ride the trails owned by the Aliano family in Upton, (home to the annual Murray Jam that we adore so much).

I'm full of admiration for people who can draw well, especially those that bring their outside interests into their work. There are too few creative people on the BMX scene using their love of BMX as the source of inspiration for their output, (me included, I guess)....Adi does and he does it REALLY well!