Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What a Weekend!

Whilst Jo was looking after the Retrotec stall at the Vintage and Craft Fair in Worcester, (for more pictures click here) I was in Presteigne on a wood carving course. Jo and Jo and company had a great day by all accounts(thanks to Jo and Claire, and Claires mom for looking after Jo). Our store raised alot of interest and we even sold some stuff! We sold our beloved Speak and Spell and the Merlin game...still it all goes in the bank for future travelling trips:-).


Board games on our Retrotec Stall

The Sidney Nolan Trust played host to a wood-carving Master Class with Nick Lloyd. I had a fantastic time and felt SO at home with the other members of the class (and the staff at the Rodd Gallery). I felt as though I was part of a long standing tradition in the arts. It gave me so much confidence. I now KNOW I am pursuing the right path. I was able to read books about sculptors, (notably, Isamu Noguchi, one of my faves), be amongst other artists and most importantly, I was surrounded by the sculptures produced by artists from around the world. I felt so normal. It's hard to explain, but I need to spend more time in environments like this...not even an art college has the same ambience or energy?, (for want of a better word.) I am planning to do a stone carving weekend as soon as one becomes available. The whole experience has shown me there is another way of doing things, you just have to get out of the bubble you're in to find it.