Monday, 28 December 2009

It was a year ago today...

...that I was in hospital, looking at this view!

Worcester A&E - 28th December 2008

I'd just broken my leg at Chesterfield BMX track. I had to spend the following night in Worcester A&E and had to have the following two months off work, (wearing the crazy splint you see in the second photo!) I've, only recently, begun to ride and run again and feel as though the leg is really beginning to feel normal again.

What I learnt from the whole episode was that I have some very dear friends and family...people whom I love but don't tell them this often enough. Yes, I'll continue to put myself in situations that might mean me breaking another bone, but I'm able to do it because I am supported by so so many wonderful people. I am very grateful to all the people that are patient with me, encourage me and give me the space that I, so selfishly, require. I going to try and be more sociable and communicative this coming year. I am looking forward to racing again this year, especially since we will have a new track at Redditch; I also look forward to producing more work that makes people smile...Thanks again and here's to a productive, (and break free) 2010!

Bamboo House - Recycled compressed bamboo sheet and Acrylic.