Monday, 7 December 2009

Raced yesterday! First go since I broke my leg last December. It had pissed down nearly all Saturday night, waking me up at 5am. I was quietly hoping I might get out of going, but the weather, when we got to Nottingham, was clear, dry and breezy. It was exhilarating to, once again, be in the fray of bikes and blokes, belting down the bumpy lanes in Bullwell, (got carried away with my alliteration there), Nottingham. It was a Winter Club Race run by Nottingham Outlaws. Loads of fun. So nice to see all my friends; friends I have made over the past three years racing. My results were: Motos' - 4th, 1st and 2nd. Semi Final - 2nd. Final - 3rd! A great result, considering I was just hoping to finish, all limbs in-tact - Phew!!

Looking forward to next season.

Me, back in my racing colours

Redditch Premiers Sean(Sean's first race in about 20 odd years!), Benn & Matt

Mark (Dingo) Wallace & Benn Thombs