Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Toys & T-Shirts

I'm currently exhibiting 'a few' of my toys in the HCA College library right now. I wanted to expose the figures to the light, they're usually packed away in boxes and the toy tray in the basement. The response has been really great, especially from the students. The point of showing them was to highlight the fact that there are many, and often ignored, forms of design inspiration available to artists. These figures inspire me, the colours, forms and the representation of men in popular culture, is a subject that interests me -what people think the ideal male form should be, this is particularly poignant in the super hero genre. I've posted a couple of photos, (not very good I'm afraid) to try and show you how it looks. Must say a big thanks to Ashley in the library for his co-operation and curating skills.

Also, went into my local charity shop today, Martha's Trust(even has it's own blog!), bought an interesting new t-shirt(50p Bargain!)...Apart from being new, it had an interesting insignia on the front and back Franklin Pierce College Fire Department...I got back and checked out the name on the Web....I was thrilled to discover that the origins of the t-shirt were an actual student run fire department in the USA!! Cool, I thought, I just wonder how the heck it managed to get to Hereford without being worn?? See Pics below.