Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Busy Bank Holiday & New Work

Well, a busy weekend for us...I'll get onto that in a minute; just wanted to say, I didn't get onto the Artist Residence in Japan. It was really generous of some people to give me a reference, (thanks SO much for having faith in me) but alas, the competition was stiff; 85 people from over thirty countries applied, the quality, looking at the winners, (Ilgvars Zalan:Latvia, Yukie Hori: Brazil, Midori Hirot: Japan) was very high...oh well, will just have to find another way to get back to Japan, (any suggestions or addresses of friends/family/organistaions gratefully received:-) I REALLY want to go back to Japan, I think about it every day, every time I have the warm sun and a cool breeze on my face, every time I smell diesel fumes and the sesame oil sachet you get in a pack of ramen noodles...every time I feel happy, I'm constantly reminded of being there.

Anyway, Raced at Derby on Sunday, came 3rd/1st/1st/3rd and 3rd in the final...managed not to go home in an ambulance, (which is always a good thing). Photo shows me(No. 14) n the final breaking hard before a jump...need to stop doing this:-(

It's bluebell time again, walked around Knightwick on Monday, it was glorious; wish we we could show some of our Japanese friends this beautiful sight, makes me proud of the U.K..

Finally, here's a photo of a new work...everyone around me seems to be taking to the water, thought I'd have a go at making my own craft...I carved it from a single piece of wood, (cedar, I think). The figures were from a chrity shop and just happened to be the perfect scale.