Tuesday, 5 October 2010

'Indie Craft' - Book Out Now!

Haven't done much on the blog recently. I'm lost really, not sure what to make or create. I seem to have nothing to say about anything, not really sure if I'm really sad though; just ticking along - comfortably numb sums it up pretty well. There's lots going in though - watching plenty of films, (Kick Ass, Exit Through the Gift Shop and Beautiful Losers getting worthy mentions) ,playing video games, hill walking and reading. Just wish someone could tell me what to do, quite frankly, with the skills I have, just wish someone would take me away and place in a place more worthwhile situation, a place that made more of a difference. As it stands I'm just treading water, not moving, just floating, just hope I drift towards a purpose soon.

There's alot going on around me though, which brings me onto this. The brilliant Jo Waterhouse has just released her latest book, Indie Craft. From the preview pages, it looks awesome; bang up to date and full of motivating images. Good luck with it Jo! Take a look Below: