Monday, 17 September 2012

And so to Work!!

First experiments with Mino Washi paper.  I cannot believe this material, it feels so high tech, but it's produced in the most traditional way you can imagine, (see video link on a previous post).  It glistens in the light and is so incredibly strong, it really resists all efforts to damage it.  I initially, used my own forms to shape it; the results were fairly predictable.  I began to degrade the surface and even put it out under the warm Japanese rain.  Things started to happen, I have been enamoured by the results, photographing the paper in front of an electric lamp really helped bring out the inner qualities.  We are all entering an 'Akari' lamp competition in October, the pressure is on to make a good piece of work, (over 500 people will be displaying their work in the streets of Mino).