Thursday, 20 September 2012

Being Received by the Mayor of Mino.....

Here we are, the second day of the residency, jet lagged to hell, meeting the Mayor of Gifu.  It was very formal, but genial, as I said before, I liked him, I think he liked us too.  Check out my cheesy grin, it hasn't left my face since I arrived.

Talking of paper, we've been paper making today, it deserves more than a quick mention here, especially as its the reason I'm here.  It was a great experience, really hard work.  The hard work came from disciplining oneself in the process, repeating the same mechanical movements and not deviating, in order to produce the same, finished product, over and over again. The results, even for us as beginners, were astounding, the material is beautiful, pure and humble?

Anyway, two more days of learning paper making, to come, will update you soon. Love to all of you following this, it's great to know you're there:-)