Monday, 22 October 2012

Mino City Akari Lantern Festival 2012

The biggest weekend of the year in Mino City is, undoubtedly, the Akari Lantern Festival, (illuminated paper lanterns). As you may already know, (if you follow my Twitter feed), I entered the Festival, along with other artists in residence.  It was a hoot with nearly five hundred people entering, (there is also a special category for children) and thousands of people in attendance.  Normally, the streets around the studio are quiet, occasionally tourist peak through the front window and are surprised to see westerners looking out at them. So it was a real surprise for us to see the town so busy with so many visitors. It was also nice for me to disappear in the crowd a little and take some photos.   So much goes into setting up the festival, the volunteers ,who normally help run the residency, were running around for the entire weekend. They even manges to arrange a garden party for the artists on Sunday, (photos to follow). Their efforts paid off, the festival had a wonderful and unique atmosphere, one that I will never forget.
Student Volunteers, (Mino Junior High) and Stewards

Very popular with families & some people still have to go to 
school on Saturday, Festival or no Festival!

Day and Night

Even shop keepers get involved!

Paper installation , (about 5 feet tall!)

Lantern made by children to honour the victims 
and survivors of the Tsunami/Nuclear disaster