Monday, 5 November 2012

Five weeks to go...

The time seems to be flying by now.  Only five weeks until we present our work at the Washi Museum.  I am still enjoying making, I have returned to using the circular motif I was using earlier in the year.  I was originally pressing toilet paper between copper plates, leaving the impression of a circle on each of the paper leaves.  I am now using the same plates, only this time, I am pressing Washi paper, (made by me at the Washi Museum Workshop).  It has wonderful properties, it's creasing in just the right way and insinuating new and interesting concepts. However, I do have to have to fix the paper with spray lacquer, this helps the paper to retain its shape, (one observer, an artist, who shall remain nameless, expressed the view that this was an unspeakable thing to do!);  I feel it perfectly reflects the combination of natural and artificial I am experiencing on this residency. 

Paper work from back in the UK
New press forms made with Mino Washi
We had an open day yesterday.  The workshop was open for the general public to visit us and see how our work is developing.  I relished the chance to talk about my work; its an interesting thing to do and you wonder if the translation is communicating my intentions accurately..who knows?  We had many visitors and I was asked some really good questions, some people seemed to really understand my intentions, once again proving to me, that the language of visual art really is universal. 

Paper forms lit from behind
I have often thought and discussed the fact that I am here because of my art, (I still have to pich myself daily). It's hopefully, going to be the way I earn my living in the future. It's just amazing to think that this adventure started with ten photographs and a two hundred word statement of intent.  I hope I get the chance to do more work like this, I have already started looking for residencies and work that is suitable for when I return.  I am also comfortable with idea of working by myself now, I actually enjoy working alone. When you work in a group situation like this, (or at least in a situation where you are 'on show'), one loses some creative privacy; I am looking forward to recovering this aspect of my process.