Thursday, 10 April 2014

Psycho Live

Psycho Live
Birmingham Symphony Hall 9.4.13

We weren't prepared for how
seamless the experience
was at times. Our senses were initially 
split by seeing the orchestra sitting there 
but they soon merged and we
were totally entranced.

The double bass players were
particularly effective the instrument's
resonance made the experience
more of a corporeal one - I felt
the action - the movements of
the actors and the violence.

 As a result 
of this mode of presentation 
THE shower scene was thankfully 
not the focus of the film - the 
nuances of the anticipatory
build up were far more exciting,
engaging and stimulating, as 
were the following scenes with
Arbogast and Lila Crane.

Sometimes the characters looked
so contemporary - as if they
had filmed it yesterday - the grain
of their physicality was enhanced
by the strings, by the delicate
plucking  and screeching.

Well, we were quite overwhelmed
and went to the Post Office Vaults
to wind down and talk it through,
(Any excuse).

Part of my thank-you letter to the Birmingham Symphony Hall - We had won the tickets to Psycho Live at a Raffle - If_Wet 

Thanks again Sam and Richard.