Saturday, 31 May 2014

Monmouth. Day 25

Worcester | Compton Verney

Picturesque 'Incident'. - I like that.

'World class' facilities.

Creaking wheels of an off road wheelchair - sounds like the rigging of a pirate ship.

Several Cedar of Lebanon - plate like boughs of green.

Natural Lymes - un-pollarded and full to the ground.

'Alter Ego'.

"Whose that famous Dutch painter?"..."Oh Van somebody".

Hands wanted to walk all over the sculptures.

Had to put my Rodin & Henry Moore 'goggles' on - experiencing the ecclesiastical 
sculptures was somehow more rewarding. 

'Kinver Edge' 

I understand the surface of the earth.

The problem is undoing the picturesque.

Enid Marx.

"I'm not affiliated to anyone else".