Saturday, 10 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 4

School on a Saturday.

Goldfinches in the garden - smells like a camp site.

Man too young for Tweed and Brogues.

"I think it's going to snow".

Performers arriving in their 'civvies'.

Charles Rolls offering up a giant Sturgeon.

"He was doing it to himself. He was trying to strangle himself with a scarf".

'Lucky Dip - 50p a GO'.

"Bats eat up to 3000 midges a night".

"Rain has nowhere to go these days".

C.R.O.W. (Creatures Republic of Wye)

"Our gardening is for our gardens not for our countryside".

"Can you help me hold him whilst I calls the Police?"

"This is the countryside, this is the other side of the fence".

"Picture es queue"

"...and water's coming out me everywhere".

"I've lived here for seventy two
years and this is amazing, thank-you".

Silent Eurovision on the big screen.  Women taking turns to feel a pregnant woman's stomach.

Couple playing cards in the bar.

Mother and daughters doing 'selfies in the corner'.