Monday, 20 April 2009

Bulwell BMX.

Attended the last Winter regional at the, upgraded, Bulwell track in Nottingham yesterday. What a perfect day, weather-wise. I got to ride for a while and practice my gates before the racing began. I was doing okay, gradually building up to jumps that I could easily have cleared before my accident. However it wasn't long before I had to put the bike away after nearly falling off again. My left leg gave way under the strain of all the exercise; it really began to hurt. I'm getting pi%%ed off now, with not being able to ride( or even walk) normally. I am going to have to seek more medical advice and ensure I get back to normality before racing...who knows when that will be :-(
It was great though, to see people really soaking up the newly improved circuit, some of the kids really tore it up and moved 'balletically' through the obstacles. I think B.M.X. can sometimes be described as 'beautiful', it can really overwhelm me sometimes to the point of speechlessness. One amazing proponent is mulitple Britsh number 1 and Worlds Finalist, Kelvin Batey. He, and others, were swooshing along the 'rhythm section' with only inches between them and the ground. Some of the riders, (in the photos below) were just happy to fly as high as they could...Bliss!

Kelvin Batey