Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Guerilla Miffy

We love Miffy. So much so, Jo and I visited the Dick Bruna Museum on our Netherlands holiday last year. Dick Bruna manages to distill objects into their simplest form. Using the fewest colours and lines he is able to convey emotions and feelings, most interestingly, without changing the facial expression on his characters. A kitchen showroom near our house contains a small selection of Lego in its window for kids to play with; I guess it's there to keep them occupied whilst their parents are planning their next big purchase. Until recently, there lay amongst the sticky bricks, a dog eared version of 'Miffy goes to the Zoo' . We had discussed how nice it was, that the book was obviously read, as it increasingly began to look worse for wear. Anyway it eventually disappeared, (thrown away?). We decided to track down another copy and replace it. Well here's 'Miffy's Birthday', obtained from a Hereford Charity shop for 15pence. We're going to drop it through the showroom letterbox soon, under the cover of darkness...wonder what they'll say?