Friday, 23 November 2012

All going to plan...

Latest work.  Leading up to the final exhibition, I have been trying the pressed Mino Washi paper pieces I  made, in various situations and contexts.  The most obvious, I guess, is the image at the base of this post.  I placed the pieces within the confines of two tatami mats.  These lie at the centre of an eight tatami mat room at the Udatsu Studio. The boundaries of each mat have symbolic meaning for me, as do the subtle differences between each paper square.  
I am playing with titles and I imagine a huge vertical display of these at the show.  Approx 750 separate pieces will be used in the final piece, should look great with the lighting effect, shown below right.  I am being slightly cryptic about the whole affair, because I want the piece to be dramatic, cinematic and performative...all aspects that have occurred to me on this journey in Japan.

Influences for the piece are far ranging from floor/wall tiles to human and plant cell structures.