Tuesday, 29 September 2009

London Calling?

Stacked at the College at the Mo' but really happy...the new batch of students have, so far been, a joy to work with. They really bring home the reason why I do this job. Went to London at the weekend, it was BUZZZING! Must have been the glorious September sun. Whilst we were there we stumbled upon a BMX jam on the South Bank and a huge craft 'gathering'. Sometimes, I wish I could still afford to live there - it really feeds your head and your heart. Then I think there are just too many fixed wheeled racers there for my liking...;-)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Fantastic Plastic?

Enjoying being surrounded by students again at work. The experience, for me, is usually proceeded by nerves and trepidation but I always end up loving the teaching time. I always end up feeling totally gratified, somehow 'useful'? and always worn out :-)
Here's a couple of pics of my latest house experiments. Trying to incorporate layered plastic.

Pine/Perspex - 9cm w x 9cm d x 14cm h

Wing detail

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

h.Art Week

Sorry, posts have been thin on the ground lately; alot going on and it's a case of my routine changing from Summer,(rest) to Autumn,(work). This week is h.Art week. Herefordshire's annual art flurry. Artist's studios from all over the county open their doors up to the general public. Galleries also take make a special effort to encourage people to look at art. I was invited by a local gallery to submit some pieces for display; the Riversdale Gallery is based in Eardisland, Herefordshire. It's a beautiful part of the county and I was thrilled to be invited, especially as the gallery owner, James Macrae, is such a nice bloke. Will post some pics if I get the time.

Eardisland Herefordshire

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Japanese Joy!

On our recent trip to Japan we stayed at K's Guesthouse in Hakuba. Our hosts, Megumi and Toshi, really looked after us; they are wonderful people and have become good friends. We feel privileged to have stayed with them. Jo's mom, Jane, recently knitted a toy bear for Megumi, (as she'd taken a real shine to the bear that Jane had taken to Japan) The bear, and other gifts, have now made their way to Japan and can be seen here in this photo. As you can see, Megumi is thrilled! The other photo is of Megumi's partner, Toshi, walking amongst the Rice fields around Hakuba...How serene it looks...

Megumi and 'Protty'


Holiday Over...

Murray Jam 2009

Getting higher and higher at the Murray Jam
Our carriage awaits...

SVR Conductor

3rd Class travel to the Bewdley Beer Festival

Me, back on a bike...:-)