Saturday, 31 May 2014

Monmouth. Day 25

Worcester | Compton Verney

Picturesque 'Incident'. - I like that.

'World class' facilities.

Creaking wheels of an off road wheelchair - sounds like the rigging of a pirate ship.

Several Cedar of Lebanon - plate like boughs of green.

Natural Lymes - un-pollarded and full to the ground.

'Alter Ego'.

"Whose that famous Dutch painter?"..."Oh Van somebody".

Hands wanted to walk all over the sculptures.

Had to put my Rodin & Henry Moore 'goggles' on - experiencing the ecclesiastical 
sculptures was somehow more rewarding. 

'Kinver Edge' 

I understand the surface of the earth.

The problem is undoing the picturesque.

Enid Marx.

"I'm not affiliated to anyone else".

Monmouth: Day 24

Nothing doing...bad day.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 23

Misty over Monmouth.

Inexhaustible appetite.

Teenage diligence masking pheromonal imperatives (in the Library).

LCD intensity - pinpoint poking retinas.

Home Sweet Family Home - exciteable and delightful.

(Can't think now - tired)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 21 (Part 2)

Biblins Bridge & Back.

Swallows by the bridge playing effortless giddy games.

Ferns of excellent succulence.

Foam fringed rapids.

Lead lipped pinnacles.

Just crossed the border into Wales. 

Everything spongy and porous.

Boa constrictor beech tree roots.

Green squeezing down now.

Pushing me - pulling me - into and through.

Irresistible ramps - the rumps of trees.

I can see The Seven Sisters with my own eyes.

Vacuous space full with birdsong.

Me and a Crow and a cold fire pit.

Choc/lime pipeline.

Nothing for my eyes to latch onto - smoothly flow through the  undergrowth.

Aeron eirin tagu and roller coaster May Flies.

Feeling down the valley.

The exit ramp forest lines leading to town.

I've had no choice but to use my eyes to touch and feel.

I've had to imagine being touched.

I used to be hungry to be held.

I became hungry to hold.

Through another muddy gate.

Galvanised latch and swinging hinges.

Moving with the river now. 

Gliding with the spirals.

Battery almost dead and Mino in my head.

Monmouth: Day 21

Edited memories of yesterday...

Monday, 26 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 20

Mortimer Trail.

Bluebell skeletons.

Pixelated Buttercups.

Fresh evergreen fingers.

Dandelions and Dor Beetles.

Wigmore Loop.

"Country wee".

Bill & 'Lolly' the Poodle - "don't save it for Saturday night".

Riverside Inn - sweet staff & a pint of Hobson's.

Tipped a sheep back onto its feet.

Air saturated with the sweet scent of damp ferns & wild garlic.

Rain coming in - giving me cold shoulders.

Monmouth: Day 19

Nothing doing.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 17

Cornish Rain.

Mist - midway up the valley.

"I'm much better at talking to trees than people"

"We seem to be living in smaller and smaller spaces"

"The landscape of our thoughts"

The perfect ham sandwich.

"Dogs Mercury"

"Browse Line"

"Sedges have edges"

"Jews Ear/Jelly Ear"

"Fig Wert"


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 16

First run with the river.

Flatland fat sheep, gnawing on ground.

Traffic crunching hastily down valley.

In the open the river alongside running away.

Clatterback gates.

Lolloping limbs rise and fall below me.

The corridor of the forest sucks me into it's centre.

Comfortable cysgodi and sticky soles beneath.

The river now beyond foliage lies in limbo - still.

Moss flocked roots, finger-like, flow below.

Rough skeletal frames knee deep in nettles.

Drumlin-like domes at the base of a vine wrapped rock-face.

Invisible Mock Orange aromatic cloud.

Doe skinned wrinkled fitness face.

Eye level swans flapping down valley.

Bright broccoli topped woodlands invite my hands to caress.

What's the Difference?


noun: curate; plural noun: curates; noun: assistant curate; plural noun: assistant curates
  1. a member of the clergy engaged as assistant to a vicar, rector, or parish priest.
    • archaic
      a minister with pastoral responsibility.
Middle English: from medieval Latin curatus, from Latin cura ‘care’.

verb: curate; 3rd person present: curates; past tense: curated; past participle: curated; gerund or present participle: curating
  1. select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).
    "both exhibitions are curated by the Centre's director"
    • select the performers or performances that will feature in (an arts event or programme).
      "in past years the festival has been curated by the likes of David Bowie"
    • select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.
      "people not only want to connect when using a network but they also enjoy getting credit for sharing or curating information."
late 19th century: back-formation from curator

Source: google

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 15

The routine is emerging.

The beautiful is becoming everyday.

I'm now moving amongst the mundane.

Squeezing my words through the laptop.

I'm processing my process.


I had to roll out of the town - Osbaston and beyond - deeper into Wales.

The hills will slowly begin to shape my body.

The cadence scales the journey - notates the rotations.

Each ascent offers the reward of a new view - a new perspective.

The hedges are spongy and lush.

The fields, velveteen and succulent.

Aches are now curious consolation for my lonely efforts.

Laptop 'Fargo' before bed.

Monmouth: Day 14

Back in Brum

Simian baked potato.

Neck swing passes.

"All fur coat...".

Friendly multifarious faces.

Day-glo tiny tabards .

Calm, quiet argument...

Tattooed thighs from under frayed denim shorts.

Football kitted fella.

Fickle faced Chuggers.

Polish pushing prams.

Must catch up on Fargo.

Already longing for weekend.

Nearly home now.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 13

Sitting on the stage in the Charles Rolls Hall.

"This coloured fella come out and...".

'Josh Widdicombe - Sold Out'.

Tyre sized tea cakes.

Latch-key kid ignoring chocolate.

Home to Worcester.

Bengal cat at Commandery.

Tame fish at canals edge.

Lone duckling, a desperate whirligig.

Vests and tattoos.

Joss stick scented rosé moans.

Heineken and Gogglebox truths.

Heavy bodied bed time.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 12


White cliff backdrop.

Border Morris - purple ragged coats & black masks.

Spooky choir - fire procession.

"Meet me on the iron bridge".

'Burgers £3'.

Plastic pints.

I need another chance to make a first impression.

Shimmering bridge.

River ever present - ever definite.

Indecisive hedgehog.

Jumpy fox.

Headlight tree tunnel.

Monmouth: Day 11

Day off. 
Evening in Dragon.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 10


A rare turban in the High Street.

Wolf backed fleece.

Welsh exchange in church yard.

Choir practice.

Ifor Williams rattling behind pick-up.

Bland ham sandwich & dreary 'steak slice'.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 9

Battling Blackbirds.

Cut price Nigiri on park bench.

Cool under Maple.

Fields framed under foliage.

Gold crested blazer.

Feckless jeaned groupings.

Chestnut candelabras.

Goalpost outline & ball shaped divide.

Lyme lined corridor.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 8

Still ducks & buttercups.

Bobbing Kingfisher dart.

Meadow fair.

Lonely lime green Poplar.

Hole in hedge to steep banked allotment.

Pungent purple Lilac.

Twitching insects in 'Hyrule' lane.

Forge Weir nearby.

Jelly mold farm cat.

Cuckoo over crusty vineyard.

Cool and content.

Birdsong accompaniment.

Two for joy.

'Escaped elephant in Monnow River'.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 7

An evening too good to waste.

Swallows in circles. 

Sky - subway sign blue.

'Irate' graffiti.

Cow parsley pavements.

Iridescent nettles.

The Old Nags Head on Granville Street.

CATALPA: bignonioides.

Hike up Hereford Hill.

"My heart bleeds Betty".

Laminated levels of beech leaves.

Green rug tugging sheep.

Bleeding hearts in boxes.

One for sorrow...

Mistletoe baubles.

...and the moon.

Manchester: Day 6

Bees in Laburnum.

Loom Street.

Kinks - "Dead End Street".

Railway bridges.

Rivers and rowers.

Luminous security.

Cockney accents in the Northern Quarter.



Starry Starry Night'.

Jodrell Bank through the window.

Armitage Shanks factory.

Jagged Wolverhampton wasteland.

Lilac sky.

Craving green.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 5

Fat fledgling under lilac.

Whistling brakes.

Bearded lady.

Driftwood shrine.

Double glazed tranquility.

Red wax droplets from handheld torches.

Black clad Cockney hangover.

Dreadlocked Irish marquee specialist.

Lots of water under bridge.

Away from the valley now.

At home for a while before Manchester tomorrow.

Lost my thread....the river?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Monmouth: Day 4

School on a Saturday.

Goldfinches in the garden - smells like a camp site.

Man too young for Tweed and Brogues.

"I think it's going to snow".

Performers arriving in their 'civvies'.

Charles Rolls offering up a giant Sturgeon.

"He was doing it to himself. He was trying to strangle himself with a scarf".

'Lucky Dip - 50p a GO'.

"Bats eat up to 3000 midges a night".

"Rain has nowhere to go these days".

C.R.O.W. (Creatures Republic of Wye)

"Our gardening is for our gardens not for our countryside".

"Can you help me hold him whilst I calls the Police?"

"This is the countryside, this is the other side of the fence".

"Picture es queue"

"...and water's coming out me everywhere".

"I've lived here for seventy two
years and this is amazing, thank-you".

Silent Eurovision on the big screen.  Women taking turns to feel a pregnant woman's stomach.

Couple playing cards in the bar.

Mother and daughters doing 'selfies in the corner'.