Sunday, 1 July 2012

MASTERS AT WORK! - Latest Images

My MA is still providing me with so much motivation. Here, you see my latest work, set up in the tutorial space at the Margaret Street Building, where the Fine Art courses are based.  I essentially, had to put up my work and listen whilst the other members of my course, discussed what they saw.  I wasn't allowed to say anything until three quarters of an hour had passed...It was pretty gruelling, but the response to my work was so positive and in some cases very accurate.  I feel like I'm on the right track.  I also feel privileged to have gone through the process.

'White Out' - Pulped paper & PVA glue
'White Out' - (Detail) 
'Panoramic' Photographs
"Better than sex" - Snowdonia
Ordnance Survey map, vinyl.
"Better than sex" - (Detail)