Friday, 3 September 2010

Moving On...

Well, some of you might not be surprised; some of you might fall off your chair, but I announced yesterday that I will no longer ride or race my BMX bike. I informed my friends by e-mail, as I was afraid of being pursuaded not to give up. It's mainly as a result of receiving another injury, this time a serious sprained hand, earlier in the Summer. It's also as a result of some personalities in the racing scene that want to win so badly, they are prepared to put other people in hospital to do it. It goes with the territory, I suppose, but aggression in sport doesn't really interest me, good sportsmanship does. I'll miss riding with my friends, I'll miss the adrenalin of jumping and I'll miss having something to work towards. I'll also miss Jo riding her bike, she confronted many emotional demons and conquered them by bravely riding BMX tracks; I think that's the thing that's made me most proud for the last four years riding. It's the end of an era, I guess. Might give me more time to concentrate on my work and this blog, we'll see.

Thanks Andy & Bron, Sean, Matt, Benn, Bryan, Tim P., Orbs, Ady, Dingo, TJ, Marv, Daz, Tim D. Chris & Jo, Jane & Peter. And of course Wibbs...I couldn't have done it without you.