Wednesday, 29 August 2012

MA End of Year Show

Hard to believe I'm at the end of my first year of the Fine Art MA at Birmingham.  The 'Interim Exhibition' is up and ready, (and currently being assessed).  There is lots of good work on display, and of course there's the Margaret Street building to marvel at.  The Private View is this Friday, feel free to turn up and have a drink! 
I'll post some pictures at some point soon.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Me, an Artist in Residence? Yes, and in JAPAN!!

Well, it's been a while, but as far as my practice goes, things are hotting up for me ...I've been given the most wonderful opportunity.  I will be joining three other artists, (two from Hungary and another from Japan), in being an Artist in Residence at the Prestigious Mino paper-making village in Gifu, Central Honshu, Japan.  I feel so honoured, especially as I get to stay with a host family for the entire three month stay - I can't wait!!  I will endeavour to keep you posted of all that goes on.  The whole project leads to a final exhibition, held in December, and I get to utilise 'Mino Washi' - hand-made paper in my final works...I'm simply blown away by the prospect of it all.  

Please take a look at a previous residency attendees blog; Emma Bell is a, really startling, english fashion designer/consultant, she kept a wonderful Blog of her journey in Mino.  It really gives you a taste of what's in store for me.  I've already been in touch with Emma and she's been SO positive about the whole experience....compounding my excitement! 

Here is the official letter on beautiful, hand-made paper

The Artists 'Mug Shots'