Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cheddar National Video

OMG! Never ridden Cheddar, but the first BMX Double Header National took place there, last weekend. Track looks extreme, but people make jumping look so easy, (even no handed!). Here's a nice video that really sums up the excitement and personalities involved in a British BMX race...enjoy.

British BMX National Rnd 1&2 Cheddar 2010 from Corinne Walder on Vimeo.

Chris Bourkes Show

As previously mentioned on this Blog, Chris Bourke is exhibiting at the Studio 4 Gallery, in the Custard Factory Birmingham until Saturday 29th May! In conjuction with the exhibition, there is a new Facebook page spotlighting Chris's work...nice. Took the liberty of borrowing a couple of pics to show you how the show was created. Private view is this Thursday, gonna drive up and have look this weekend m'self.

Chris copying an OHP image to create a wall

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dreaming of Japan...

 I seem to be dreaming about Japan alot at the moment...
Perspex & (well rotted) oak.
H226mm W340mm D75mm

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Skate Shop in Crisis

The only skate shop in Worcester, Spine has issued a worrying statement in the light of it's recent financial situation.
Spine Skate Shop Statement

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Use us or lose us
It's no secret that it's hard times for everyone at the moment and independent businesses are closing all the time. It's no different for Spine, after one of the harshest Winters and a pretty wet Spring, times are tough. If you don't want to see your local skateshop disappear the same way as your local, independent record and book shops etc, show your support. Next time you need a board come and check us out before you put that order in online.

Thanks to all the regulars that come to us as their first choice. Much appreciated.

Firstly, Spine is owned by and Chris and Jo Bourke, who are responsible for me writing this blog. The shop has been open for more than ten years and has fed the local skating fraternity with quality service and products. As well as being a purveyor of niche clothes, hardware and skate decks, (often designed by Chris Bourke himself) Chris and Jo energetically promote artwork from people, (people like me) who wouldn't normally get an airing in a traditional gallery.

Chris, along with many other people, was involved with the setting up of Perdiswell Young People's Leisure Club, patiently attending numerous meetings which resulted in an amazing facility, used by people from near and far, (believe me they come from far away). The park is always busy, BMXers and skaters alike, share the facility and I've seen, with my own eyes, the fun kids can have in there...priceless.

Come on kids, it's pay back time, next time you're drawn into buying a new pair of average Nike or Vans sneaks from Extreme Pie or that Billabong T-shirt from TK Maxx, DON'T DO IT!

Do the right thing and buy something with integrity from Spine instead.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My new favourite artist..

...well for now anyway. Tomokazu Matsuyama.  Anyone who knows me or my work can see why.  Nice to see a Playmobil, (or Play People as I remember them), being used to drmatic effect...Matsuyama is not a bad painter either, with his works utilising the wood block prints of Hokusai and Hiroshige and bringing them bang upto date with graffiti colours and techniques....quite beautiful; take a look at his web-site by clicking his name above.
'Wherever I am'

Mansfield Racing Results...

Mansfield BMX Regional (No. 2).  Results: 4th, 3rd, 2nd & 4th in Final.  Pleased with my results; no injuries, starts are getting stronger and quicker, need to work on my technique, (jumping especially). The field was even stronger than the first round, I'm being eased into the maelstrom of National competition one race at a time.  A good day spent with friends in the sunshine at Church Warsop in Derbyshire.  BMX racing is ace!!  (Thanks to Matt Mayneord for the photos).
Photo from the final.
Look at the effort on my face!!

Friday, 9 April 2010


The WAVE  events just keep on coming.  The venue is the same as usual, Fish Street, Worcester.  Judging by the Facebook site, people are travelling from all over the country to go to these events...Well organised and breathing some fresh, creative air into Worcester...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chris Bourke Art Exhibition

Chris Bourke is exhibiting at the Studio 4 Gallery, in the Custard Factory Birmingham.  Starting Monday 26th April until Saturday 29th May.  One not to miss, Chris is a master of the lino cut and his images are thought provoking and full of integrity.  The image below is called 'Represent' and is one of a series of 12, (with hand painted gold detail £35)...lush, get em while their hot!


 Exhibition Poster