Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas Fair in Worcester

The WAVE(Worcester Arts & Vintage) group are having a 'Pop Up Fair' this week in Worcester. The opening times will be the same as, the ever popular, Victorian Fair that takes place every December in Friar Street. Starts this Thursday 2nd and goes onto Sunday 5th; Go along for a warm welcome, as well as some choice, and original Christams shopping. Organiser, Jo and the others will have deserved their cups of tea by the end of it, I can tell you!

And one for the cat...

Bought these little beauties from the RSPCA. Masked off and sandblasted the one to reveal flowery monsters. Not all together successful, interesting, but I'm not finished with aggrandizing found objects just yet

Spotted on the streets of the West Midlands

Stickers seen in Birmingham, Stourbridge and Dudley. There's a street presence developing, maybe it'll take over the world:-S


Finally, my friend Phils Rucksack, decorated with a reflective robot sticker. Be safe, be seen!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!!

Maybe this cute vintage penguin will make you feel warmer on this chilly Thursday. It's another charity shop find, sandblasted with my logo and robot moniker. Bless.

27 cm High

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Deco Mirror

Here's another mirror. A recycled charity shop purchase. It has a beautiful cast detail on the top. I decided to go with the flying houses as it seemed to well with the polished finnial. The mirror was very fragile and is starting to come away at the edges, I managed not to lose anymore of the reflective side when sand-blasting, but it was touch and go as to whether it would survive the process or not:-S

Mirror Detail

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I've Got Wood

3 feet high and rising. A piece of reclaimed architectural pine. Burnt sand-blasted and waxed. Given back to the guy who gave me the wood in the first place. If you have wood you'd like to give me, I can add my personal touch to it and return it...(for a small fee of course.)

Reclaimed Pine Totem? 3ft approx high.

The 'C' Word

As well as the mirrors and larger glass objects, I'm working on a range of more affordable vessels. Here's another piece of sand-blasted lab glass. I've combined the robot/house imagery to create a new design that suggests themes of claustrophobia and wanting to escape...very Christmassy!-)

Sand-blasted Pyrex glass bottle, (500ml). 18cm High.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Lab Glass Vessel

Another glass vessel. Believe it or not, this is old lab ware too. It's pretty thick glass and I've sand-blasted the logo, I intend to use, when the new web-site goes live (www.theproudnail.com).

Recycled lab glass bowl - Underside. (Diameter 21cm)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Chemistry Set

Finally found a use for a bunch of old chemistry glassware given to me by a dear friend. The glass has been in storage for at least ten years and will provide some interesting forms on which to place my designs...watch this space again!

Sandblasted heatproof Pyrex vessel. Size 28cm High

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

'Deco' Mirror

This mirror's a bit spesh. Got it from a local charity shop, (nearly lost it to an old dear who had had her eyes on it!). The deco details are nice and add an extra something to it, I think. I'll be sorry to let this one go...in fact, it might be a keeper. Incidentally, I've found out that this kind of work might been pigeon-holed by the term, Up-Cycled...bloody journalists.

'Deco' Detail

Monday, 1 November 2010

Mirror, Mirror Contd.

REALLY PLEASED WITH THIS!! Antique mirror blasted with the robot logo...Corrr!!

Sandblasted Picture

Another image of Charlotte the robot. This time I used a vinyl sticker to act as a resist in the sand-blaster. The resulting effect is a dreamy background, contrasting nicely with the foreground robot shape.

Plywood/Blue Dye/Sandblasted

13cm X 13cm

Screen Printing

Went on a wonderful screen-printing course at the weekend. It was held at the MAC in Brum. We were dizzy with freedom, getting paint everywhere and 'expressing ourselves' through the media of print;-) Can't wait for the next course. I've uploaded a couple of photos, showing the image in multiple...the robot's called Charlotte, (name given by friend's 4 yr old daughter).