Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Let me introduce to the Watanbe Family!

The man with the cheeky smile is Mr Watanabe; he and his wife Akemi, have very kindly accepted me into their home, (and very kindly allowed me to publish these pictures).  I feel so lucky to be staying with them. They have done everything to make me feel at ease with the situation.  Mrs Watanabe is a very modest but brilliant cook, she likes hiking, Ikebana, (she also teaches this, as well as needlecraft and baking!).  Mr Watanabe is a sign maker and exhibition stand constructor; he is also a talented artist, using thermo-formed acrylic and Mino Washi to beautiful effect - I feel right at home!  The two of them seem to be well respected members of the Mino community and everyone speaks highly of them - bless! 
I'll attempt to share more of the goings on at the Watanabe household in the coming weeks.

Mr Watanabe & Mrs Watanabe preparing & cooking Yaki Soba :-P
Kampai, Cheers, Chin Chin.