Friday, 13 September 2013

MA Final Show Works 2013

For those who couldn't make it to the show:

Final Show  - Artist Statement

“Art, both as practice and as an experience, belongs, as it were, to the hardware of human nature”
Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin

I am concerned with material thresholds and the extent to which physical margins can be stretched without breaking; particularly when they are exposed to situations of tension or stress.  More recently (and as a direct result of studying on the MA Fine Art) I have found the courage to seek and explore less clearly demarcated borders. I have now become interested in how initially segregative boundaries can appear to break down, become porous, osmotic, creating liminality and forming unique states of being. The traces that these conditions leave behind fascinate me, they attest to movement, the melee and the memory of meaningful moments. 

My research in practice has led me to consider the corporeal body as being empirically essential to our life experience and a tangible vehicle for my conceptual concerns. The human body, with its somatosensorial interface with the world, can be understood as a synergetic state of continuously interwoven interior and exterior planes. Our bodily relationship with the landscape is seamless; we therefore, embody the world and are co-immersed in unifying atmospheric densities. We are immeasurably connected, fused to the world and to one another.

Gregory Dunn September 2013

'Muscle Memory'
Flint Gravel, Galvanized Steel 'Gabion'

Cast Concrete
'Force Field'
Cotton Stockinette, Epoxy Resin, Stainless Steel Wire
Total Final Show Submission